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unul din cele mai tari cadouri primite de mos craciun in acest an mi-a fost trimis de un prieten drag, muzicianul mircea tiberian. cu o scurta dedicatie: “yes, at last somebody caught on tape one of the rare moments in the history of music when folklore meets jazz and it turns out that there’s simply love at first sight. in this case we got some very determined vocalist from low danube valley meeting (where else ? at a wedding party…) well trained clones of jaco pastorius and jean luc ponty. i’m thinking  to sent a copy to the django d’or commitee in paris, or to the britt music awards. they seems to like this kind of events !! the grammy guys are too busy to promote smooth jazz and i’m afraid they won’t get it.”

un taraf la o nunta. asta da, viral ! pentru a savura pe deplin inregistrarea, ascultati-o pana la final. spre sfarsit, devine apocaliptica !

unknown – nunta la romani
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nu se cunoaste data sau locul exact al inregistrarii. nici daca muzicantii au supravietuit…